Coming Home

Coming Home is a project that addresses the plurality of what we understand to be home. It explores the intersections of childhood memory, the realities of adulthood, and the physicality of home itself. I examine the portals of personal and collective memory which define identity, gender, culture, and relationships. 

Coming Home documents my experience of rediscovering home and revisiting childhood memory as an adult. This series of photographs investigates changes in scale from childhood to adulthood and discrepancies between youthful imagination, our expectations, and the physical and practical realities of maturity. 

I have photographed three houses: my dollhouse, my playhouse, and the house I grew up in. These three edifices embody childhood memory, the passage of time, and the transference of roles from parent to child, and inversely, from child to parent. I explore ways in which visual ideas of identity and family relationships become the cornerstones of home and create visual worlds that mirror the real world. 

This selection of black-and-white photographs addresses identity and memory, both real and imagined. In photographing the present, I am re-photographing and re-appropriating the past, acknowledging a sense of time and longing. Coming Home invites the viewer to consider their own experiences by intertwining realms of intimacy and universality.