Dollhouse is a body of work that explores childhood and growing up. The photographs of my dollhouse are reminiscent of imaginary worlds. Metaphorically, they allow the past and present to exist simultaneously. 

I moved back home after a number of years of living in Paris and soon realized that my childhood world had become over time but a mere object pushed off to a corner. I set out to restore my dollhouse, my little house — in a bigger house.

The handcrafted elements and decorations I made give the dollhouse an intimate and personal feel. When I was young, I didn’t think much about any specific meaning being attached to having a dollhouse. It was simply another opportunity for me to make things I loved and try to make them exquisitely. Now I see so much more, looking at this dollhouse and all the objects and things I left behind only to rediscover them with a fresh eye. Dollhouse represents what was once an idealized fictional world. It reflects a place in time, an era, my era.